PKL 5th day

install NOC server with ubuntu 9.04

PKL on 13 July 2009

we go to DKSI at 10. when we had come into DKSI we’ve got an order to install linux server. the computer that we install on it will be used for NOC server (Network Operation Center). This server is used for real time network monitoring(i only know like that).

Now install ubuntu server 9.04. in the first installation i made many mistakes. Usually, i’m using Windows operating system and when i met linux i implement installation like windows, just next and next (auto configuration). Finish, and the server did’nt work properly. Pak heru as my supervisor in DKSI, give all instruction that i would do for the installation.

When we reinstall the server, we implemented correctly as my supervisor want. The text below is the configuration that i have implemented on the server:

1.  make partition like these

  • /root, we gave this partition about 90GB
  • /home, about 20GB
  • /boot, 512MB
  • /swap, 3.1GB
  • /var/www, about 40 GB

2. set the interface that we will use

3. set IP for this server, gateway, and proxy

4. install the software (LAMPP server, Open SSH server, PostGreSQL, Samba File Server) that will use to run the server from the CD boot

5.if  i’m not mistaken, only 4 step that i need. and the steps that i was written not exactly correct because i forget what exactly step that i implement on the server.

This is the end of the report.


Note: sorry for the grammar, because i’m not an expert.

Author: aadunjuve

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