another calciopoli

Carlo Garganese, goal international deputy editor said,

“Had a lot of requests to talk about new Italian matchfixing scandal. All I will say is this 1. Don’t believe sensationalism in Italian media. Every scandal that breaks Italian media defames innocent people at the start. I will bet my house, job and ass that Gattuso is innocent. It happened with the farce that was Calciopoli with Gazzetta printing lie after lie.
2. Don’t trust the justice system in Italy again, just look at Calciopoli and how ‘justice’ has played out there, even once all the full and real evidence became public. Basically, bottom line, give a bit of time for this scandal to play out and don’t start making conclusions about likely innocent people.


and i (adun) think

it shows to us the same way with Juve had accused by italian media in 1st calciopoli (i mean farsopoli). just look at Palazzi’s report.

Author: aadunjuve

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